The Rise of the Entitled Wanker – Part 2

So last time I told the jolly story of how I was smacked in the face by an old Twat in a Hat. I’ve no doubt that some who have read the story or heard about it on the village gossip grape vine, were happy to learn I’d been ‘taught a lesson’ by the man-boobed silver top toss pot. You see, I’m a bit of an expert at collecting haters who hate me and I have been told I have a punchable face! And you know what? I’m ok with that, I don’t mind being a bit marmite, because the reason I usually clash with folk is over dogs, and dogs are my absolute passion in life.

The other reason people don’t like me is that I’m a radgie redhead whose mouth often kicks in before her brain. You see, if I see someone abuse an animal in any way, I jump in to intervene before my brain weighs up the dangers of doing so. This has happened on several occasions when I’ve seen men (usually of a certain age) kick dogs, hit them with sticks or one time, a ‘respected gentleman’ hang his 2 young dogs up by their collars and leads so that all paws were off the ground and then slam them back down, all because they dared to try and see my dogs. Apparently that’s how you train dogs….. *facepalm*

I also had the wrath of another gentleman of a certain age (there’s a pattern forming here….) because he let his 2 “friendly” dogs jump up at me when Thea was 4 month old in the sling, scratching her legs. I demanded that he got his dogs under control only to again hear the Entitled Wanker Dog Walker anthem of ‘it’s ok, they’re friendly’ ….. I lost my shit and told him if he didn’t get his dogs I would remove them from me using my hands. I pushed the over excited staffy off me and the guy starts threatening me because I’d ‘punched his dog’. He then threatens to punch me and it all gets a bit silly.

Then there was another guy who kicked his staffy so hard it cried out, all because it sniffed my van. He denied kicking it and then went home and wrote me a one star review on google (…0.0..……0….1..gws-wiz.ug74CqvZxWI#lrd=0x487c3b2ddf2f573d:0x889a1368f1ffc2de,1,,, ) It was so sad it was hilarious.

Then there was the woman who let her dog shit on the green outside my house and had no intention of picking it up.

So you see the pattern here? My passion for dogs and my willingness to stand up for myself gets me into trouble and as much as it’s a massive pain, I’m not going to stop. You see, if no one stands up to the entitled wankers who think it’s their right to have out of control dogs or dogs they abuse in the name of ‘training’, then they’ll just keep doing it. I’m fine with being marmite, I’m fine with being ‘not everyones cup of tea’ and I’m fine with standing up for dogs and responsible dog owners.

I think the reason I have so many problems with (prodominately) men is that I’m 5ft tall and look pretty meek. They think they can push me around, talk to me like shit and do as they please and I’ll just take it. However I don’t take it. I talk back, I’m incredibly sarcastic and I make fun of those types of people and they just don’t like that! That’s when they resort to threats and violence.

However I’m not alone. I know of many dogs walkers (mostly women) who have dealt with similar problems over the years. There’s women being verbally abused, women who get threatened, women who have had violent acts commited against them or their friends/partners, women who’ve had their property damaged and dog shit smeared all over their vehicles….. mostly because they’ve stood up for themselves or the dogs they walk. It’s 2019, this shit is on the rise and it’s not on.

So what can you do to stay safe while out walking? Well I have a body cam which I will in the future always remember to wear! The presence of a camera will usually deter most of the entitled wankers you’l come across. I’ve also purchased a defence spray. It’s not pepper spray as that’s now illegal to carry, but a deterrant spray which emits an alarm, a bad smell and a UV spray which shows up under UV light. I’ve also moved my arse and enrolled in a karate class. I used to do it when I was a kid, and it’s a great way to not only get fit and build confidence, but to learn how to defend yourself.

Of course the best way to stay safe is to be the bigger person and just not engage with those types of people. Simply walking away and not letting it get to you is powerful and safe. If needed, take pics from a distance, inform the dog warden and don’t dwell on all the things you should have said to them!

So thanks for reading Part 2! If you’ve had similar issues, let me know. Talking about it really helps.

Stay safe out there guys, don’t let a minority of bad eggs ruin the pleasure that is a daily dog walk.

Tam xxxx

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