COVID-19 Information

The Collie Coach is back!

As of Monday 15th June 2020, I will be once again be skipping through the local countryside, providing high energy and adventurous dogs with fun and frolics using my signature T.E.A.M system….. Train, Engage, Adventure and Motivation!

I’m easing myself in gently after 3 months of mostly sitting on my arse at a computer or in the sun, eating way too much bread and chocolate and drinking too much beer! I’ll be starting with a few of my regulars and then hopefully increasing the days and hours I work as restrictions ease. I’m not taking any new clients on just yet however I’m hoping by September I can open my doors to new clients. If you’d like to apply for your dog to come and join me on adventures from September then please contact me through the Contact Page or directly on

I hope you are all ok after the strange 3 months we’ve had and remember, I may be The Collie Coach but Born 2 Run is here for all high energy small and medium dogs!

The Collie Coach is back in the house…. errrr I mean outside!