COVID-19 Information

The Collie Coach is back in Teesdale

As of September 2021, I will be once again be skipping through the local Teesdale countryside, providing high energy and adventurous dogs with fun and frolics using my signature T.E.A.M system….. Train, Engage, Adventure and Motivation!

I have now also added in dog training as well as Lakes N Dales days. 

We may have open shops, pubs, resturants and cinemas, but COVID is still lingering around like a dog round a butchers shop, so as always I will use hand sanitizer and keep a distance while training. The van will get regularly cleaned and I will be using my own dog leads. 

I have had both of my COVID vaccinations so I am now covered and can receive 5G while out up the dale…..*titter titter*

If you would like your dog to join me on adventures or you need a bit of help with training, then you can email me on .

Big Love,