Contented Cats – Cat visits

I am opening my doors for cat visits! 

Does your fussy feline despise catteries? 

Have they had a bad experience in a cattery which left them ill and depressed, making you reluctant to go away? 

Do you wish there was a better alternative for your precious puss? 

THERE IS! I visit your cat(s) in their own home so that they can feel safe in their own environment. I can visit once or twice a day to feed, clean bowls, change litter trays, cuddle and groom (if your cat allows!) as well as water plants, take in mail, hoover/sweep etc. 

No more stressed out cats, no more trying to wrestle them into cat carriers and no more worry!! 

Please email me ASAP to check availability!

Cat Visits

During each visit I can..
£15 / per 20 minutes
  • £25 on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day
  • £20 all other Bank Holidays incl. Easter Sunday
  • Feed and water your cat and clean all bowls
  • Empty and clean the litter tray
  • Play, groom and fuss over your cat (if they’re at all interested!)
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Turn TV or radio on/off
  • Empty Bins
  • Bring in post
  • Open/Close curtains
  • Water house plants/greenhouse plants
  • Hoover
  • Buy in Milk/Bread for your return