One-2-One Puppy Training

Getting a puppy can be a wonderful time for your family as you introduce a gorgeous bundle of canine fun to your home. However, the dream can soon turn to a nightmare as you face chewing, toilet training challenges and what may seem like utter chaos from your new addition! 

Worry not, as I am here to help you with training and navigating the stormy seas of puppy ownership. I can even help you decide what breed would suit your family and advise you on shopping safely so you can avoid the puppy farms and unscrupulous breeders. 

Check out the packages below to see which on would suit your needs. 


Be Puppy Prepared

The Pre-Puppy Package

Before you get your puppy, perhaps you feel you need some guidance on what breed would suit your family or how to pick a breeder. I can help you to avoid puppy farms and arm you with the knowledge and right questions to ask when looking for your new family member. 

Cost – £85

What’s involved? 

  • Meeting you and your family and assessing your needs.
  • Advice on choosing a puppy and what to ask breeders or rescue centres.
  • Advice on the dos and don’ts of getting a new puppy
  • Advice on fetching your puppy home and how to make the first few days go smoothly. 

Puppy Plan 1

Basic Puppy Package

This package is for when you have your furry family member home and you want to jump start your training. I can help you with housetraining, nailing the basics and helping you avoid the common mistakes. 

Cost – £200

What’s involved?

  • 3 x 1-2-1 sessions
  • 1 x Zoom call
  • Notes emailed to you after each session
  • Email and Whatsapp support

Puppy Plan 2

The Happy Puppy Package

Sometimes you need a little extra help. Maybe you haven’t had a puppy before, or you’ve just forgotten how much work is involved in raising a furry family member. I can help you through the puppy stage and as they head into adolescence, so you are fully armed to deal with the teenage terror stage! 

Cost – £319

What’s involved? 

  • 4 x 1-2-1 sessions (usually £85 each)
  • 2 x Zoom calls with access to the recordings 
  •  Tasty training treat and toy for your puppy
  • Notes emailed to you after each session.
  • Email and Whatapp support throughout
  • 6 months of support after sessions end
  • Discounts for walks or other training. 

Puppy Plan 3

Armed for Adolescence

The puppy stage can be fun and exciting as you teach your pup new things. But what happens when they hit the teenage phase? This can hit some families hard and they struggle to deal with the boundary pushing and changes. This package is a combination of more in depth support and having some of the training done for you with my Train ‘n’ Trek sessions. 

Cost – £649 – payable in instalments if needed.

What do you get?

  • 8 x 1-2-1 sessions with you and your puppy
  • 2 x Train ‘n’ Trek sessions, where I take your dog on an adventure and do all the training for you. 
  • 3 x Zoom calls to be taken when needed so I can update you on progress and check how you are getting on at home.
  • Tasty training treat and toy for your dog.
  • Notes emailed to you after each session.
  • Lifetime email and Whatsapp support.
  • Discounts for walks and other training. 
  • Includes the Be Puppy Prepared Package if you haven’t got your puppy yet. 4