One -2-One Dog Training

One-2-One Dog Training

I offer 1-2-1 training sessions in various packages to help owners work on the common problems they have with their dogs.

If you struggle with – 

  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Recall
  • Getting your dog to listen to you on walks
  • Jumping up
  • then you can get help and start building the relationship you have always wanted with your dog. I can show you have to be your dog’s ‘fun centre’, which will make all other training easier.

Check out the packages available for you below and get in touch via the contact form or directly on for more information or click here to book a call to discuss your needs. 

For behaviour issues like reactivity, resource guarding etc, please email me on or book a call to discuss your needs.


Dog Training with Collie and handler

1-2-1 Packages


If you need a little help and guidance with your dog, but don’t want to commit to multiple sessions or courses, then the one off visit is for you. I can spend some time taking you through ways to help your dog focus on you. 

Cost – £85

What do you get? 

  • A private 1-2-1 with you and your dog.
  • A demonstration of training and games for you to play with your dog
  • Notes emailed to you after the session
  • Email and Whatsapp support in case you have more questions and want to send me videos of how well your dog is doing!


Perhaps you need a little more support and your training needs are a little more complicated. If you want bespoke help over the course of a few weeks, then the Silver Package is for you. 

Cost – £200 

What do you get? 

  • 3 x 1-2-1 sessions (usually £85 each)
  • 1 x Zoom call if needed
  • A tasty training treat for your dog
  • Notes emailed after each 1-2-1 session
  • Zoom recording 
  • Email and Whatsapp support.


Longer term support with a more detailed plan of action. If you want more help over a few months to make sure you’re getting it right with your problem pooch, then look no further than the Gold Package. 

Cost – £319

What do you get?

  • 4 x 1-2-1 sessions (usually £85 each)
  • 2 x Zoom calls when you need them
  • Tasty training treat for your dog
  • Notes emailed to you after each session
  • Email and Whatsapp support
  • Discounts for other training and walks. 

Platinum – The Long Term Training Support Plan

Sometimes you need more help with your dog for a longer period, or perhaps you want to make sure you’re getting it all right. This package is spread over 6 months of 1-2-1 support and training for you and your dog. An investment for future happiness for you and your hound. 

Cost – £649 – payable in instalments if needed.

What do you get?

  • 8 x 1-2-1 sessions with you and your dog
  • 2 x Train ‘n’ Trek sessions, where I take your dog on an adventure and do all the training for you. 
  • 3 x Zoom calls to be taken when needed so I can update you on progress and check how you are getting on at home.
  • Tasty training treat and toy for your dog.
  • Notes emailed to you after each session.
  • Lifetime email and Whatsapp support.
  • Discounts for walks and other training.