Train ‘n’ Trek

I am very excited to announce my new service has arrived!

I will be offering a new Train ‘n’ Trek service, which will mean taking your dog off your hands while you’re homeschooling the kids in between those numerous Zoom meetings and doing all the training needed for your dog, then bringing him home to you better trained, easier to manage and happier. 

Did you get a puppy during lockdown and now they’ve hit the adolescent phase, they no longer listen?

Do they disappear into the distance leaving you standing there with an empty lead? 

Do they pull your arm off on walks as they pull and lunge? 

Do they pick up your shoes to chew and then won’t give them up? 

If you don’t sort these problems NOW, they will only get worse and you’ll end up with an unhappy, chaotic dog and you will dread the daily walk. 

Packages will include email and online support, regular updates, zoom calls and regular socially distanced meet ups to show you what your dog has learned and how you can carry on the training at home. 

For a happier dog and a happier you, click the Enquire button below to find out more and to be added to the waiting list.

Places are extremely limited so don’t hesitate to get in touch!