Thank you for purchasing my book!  I hope you you found it useful and has helped you with your border collie/collie cross. 

Here’s some free resourses as a big, fat THANK YOU for reading my book. Keep checking back with this page as I will be adding more FREE resourses soon! 

Good luck with your dog training journey xx

Dog training videos, just for you!

Want a webinar? Check the first video to see the webinar I created during Lockdown 1. I recoreded it originally for my clients to give them boredom busting ideas to help their dogs during the lockdown. 

The next video explains ‘I Spy My Collie’s Eye’. I’ll show you how I taught my dogs to do it. Check it out just to see Brae trying to get between my legs as I was kneeling down, she almost knocked me over!

Then I have the “Leave it!” video, explaining how I taught a leave it cue to my girls. 

Last but not least, the hand touch video. 

Fancy joining a Facegroup group dedicated to helping you with your chaotic collie?

Why not join my facebook group dedicated to the readers of my book? You will get help and support, funny stories and you’ll also get to see pictures of collies, which is the main reason I set the group up!

I’ll do live videos, post up training videos and I’ll have an ‘ask the expert’ session every now and then with industry professionals I’m lucky enough to call friends.