Kids and Canines

Never work with kids or animals they said…….

Mixing the two can be either amazing or a disaster. Both are complex creatures that can struggle to understand each other which can lead to problems. 

My Kids and Canines page is here to help you have a harmonious balance with your furry and not so furry kids! 

So if you share your life with kids and canines and you want to understand them both a little better, then sign up below for weekly emails where I help you negotiate the choppy waters of life with kids and dogs!

Do you understand canine body language?

Can you spot when a dog is uncomfortable in your child’s company? 

Do you know the tiny signals your dog uses to tell you he is unhappy?

Dog training & child training (or raising kids, as it’s usually referred to!) is an on going thing. You don’t stop training your dog when they reach adulthood just like you don’t stop teaching your kids (even when they’re taller than you & can start buying you wine!). 

Teaching safe interaction between your kids & canines is an absolutely essential skill that is also on going. 

I teach Thea not to tease the dogs with the toy, that she must throw it after they’ve sat & waited for a few moments. 

I also teach the dogs impulse control so that in these situations, they don’t lunge at the toy.

Dogs and kids stay safe and still enjoy time together. Magic!

Kids and Canines
Kids and Canines
Kids and Canines

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